Jovan Obican : the fighters
Obican, Jovan (1918-1986)
23 1/4 x 26 1/4 inches (59x67cm)

Modern and contemporary paintings (XIXth & XXth)


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Our profession is to save our patrimoine from being forgotten, through years of perpetual studies, we learnt how to get sure of the quality and value of works of art. We provide works of art of authors like Imre Emerich Révész, William Bouguereau, Eustaquio Marin Ramos, Jacques Mennessons, Auguste Charpentier, Kaszto Lanyi, Eugène Flandin , Johan Jacob Bennetter,William Blair Bruce , Eugène Cuvillier, Eugène Cantegril, William Laparra, Jean Lecroart, Serge Grinevich, Jean Albert Grand-Carteret, Michel Macréau, Jacques Duthoo, Ilio Burruni, Gebremariam Fikru, Jorge Soteras, Raphaël Kirchner, Charles Kvapil, Ludwik Cylkow, André Chardine, R Pollin, Léon Germain Pelouse, Evgeniy Pospolitaki, Chris Lebeau, Barbara Konstan, Antoine de Sypiorski, André Pétroff, André Lambert, Henri Lebasque...
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Modern and contemporary drawings


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Expert member of the Chambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés en objets d'Art et de Collection (C.N.E.S. France).
In the code of conduct drawn up by the European Confederation of Art Experts, the Art Expert is a specialist able to:
- determine the nature, origin and period of manufacture of objets d'art or collections submitted to his judgement.
- detect changes, transformations and repairs that this object may have undergone.
Indicate a range of average values for the object, both trading values and replacement values and give the insurance of product authenticity

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Both art and antiques are great investments for people who have money they want to put aside long term.
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Scarcity: As time goes by the number of original artwork pieces that survive without damage gets smaller.
Artist factors: Personality, historical significance, originality, notoriety, artist’s background.
Artwork factors: Historical significance, style of art, subject of art, new techniques, new methods.
Paper trail: The stronger the art work can be authenticated as original the better able you are to demand a high value.

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